The Pilates method has been proven to:

Increase core strength, endurance and stability.

Tone muscles and correct muscular imbalances, creating longer/leaner muscles.

Improve performance in sports.

Increase mobility, balance, coordination and flexibility to build a greater awareness of the body.

Correct posture and body alignment.

Enhance the mind/body connection and promote relaxation.

Increase circulation.

Aid rehabilitation from injury and support individuals with back, neck & shoulder problems.

Reduce stress and improve levels of concentration.

Many of the exercises increase lumbar spine stability, thoracic spine and rib mobility.

Pilates is often promoted and recommended by Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and general health practitioners as one of the safest forms of exercise.

“Pilates is a fantastic way of correcting posture, managing long-term problems such as back pain, post-pregnancy weaknesses and even improving performance in sports at every level.” Emma Bradley, Physiotherapist

“As a chiropractor I recommend Pilates to my patients to help improve their core stability and flexibility. This is an excellent way to rehabilitate after injury as well as helping to prevent injury re-occurrence.” Katie Toates, Chiropractor, Dynamic Health