Classes are booked in blocks of 6 weeks, following the school year and can be booked by term or half. Each half termly block is designed for progression. Class numbers are capped to enable the instructor to give individual attention and offer hands on adjustment to ensure exercises are executed correctly and participants are working the correct muscle groups to receive maximum benefit. Adaptions are offered where required and tailored to meet client needs. It is essential that all participants complete a registration form/health questionnaire prior to taking part. Priority and discount is given to those who block book in advance, PAY-AS-YOU-GO attendance is subject to availability. Clients that are unable to commit to the term and wish to book on a pay-as-you-go basis can book 1 week in advance and payment must be made at the time of the booking. Bookings will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Taster sessions can be booked at the pay-as-you-go rate, to view prices, please click here.

We offer a range of classes both in the community, in the workplace and from our home studio (Studio 154). Some specific classes will only run subject to interest and minimum numbers. Please see our latest CLASS TIMETABLE or contact us to express interest. New participants should arrive at least 10-minutes early to enable the instructor to meet and review your registration form. See terms and conditions and frequently asked questions for more information. For those attending class at one of our community venues you are required to bring your own mat to the class.

Aimed at beginners, no previous Pilates experience is required. This class provides an introduction to the Pilates technique, key principles and original mat-work exercises. The class will help you develop a better understanding of your posture, alignment, balance, core stability and strength, encouraging clients to become more aware of how the breath and body can work together.  This class is suitable for those who haven’t exercised in a while and ideal for all ages, encouraging you to work at a low-intensity to master the basic principles of Pilates to engage and activate muscles in the right way. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Designed for those with a minimum of 1 years previous Pilates experience. For those who have mastered the basics, providing an opportunity to work on more advanced moves, progressions and challenging yourself a little more with this intermediate class. Clients should already have a good understanding of basic alignment, breathing, core stability and movement control.

Designed to introduce you to Pilates, to help relieve aches and pains. This class will introduce you to the Pilates technique, key principles and original mat-work exercises. The class is designed for all abilities, whether you are a beginner or experienced in Pilates this class offers progressions. Suitable for all ages, regardless of fitness and ability and can be modified to suit individual needs. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace, promoting relaxation.

A Pilates class that focuses on incorporating the use of small equipment, designed to add challenges to your workout to increase intensity, strength and endurance, balance and coordination. Incorporating stability balls, foam roller, dynabands, small chi balls, Pilates ring/circle, hand weights and gliders. The use of small Pilates equipment can provide variety to your workout, assist and support you in exercises to improve your technique and provide sensory feedback enabling you to work more effectively. Some pieces of equipment provide resistance to work on strength and others destabilise the body to challenge your control and balance.

For those who enjoy an early wake up! Start your day with our early bird Pilates class, allowing you to connect mind and body and setting you up for the day ahead. Encouraging good posture and alignment, a great way to awaken your body and focus on strengthening and stretching the whole body. Designed to get you moving.

Encourages older people to remain active and independent by taking part in physical exercise. Regular activity later on in life is important and can also provide a social opportunity to make friends and boost your mood and energy. This class is low intensity, it is all about slow and controlled movements performed seated or lying down so ideal for those who may experience joint pain. It is designed to build up your core muscle strength, increase mobility and develop your balance and posture to become more body aware and reduce your risks of falls. You are encouraged to work at your own pace. The class is 45 minutes followed by option tea and coffee after.

A weekly antenatal Pilates class for expectant mums, suitable for women after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The class focuses on gentle matwork exercises, encouraging breathing techniques, improving posture, body awareness and maintaining balance, helping you to stay active and adapt to your changing body and centre of gravity. The class aims to support you throughout your pregnancy to birth. Pilates can assist pregnancy in reducing back pain, strengthen joints and muscles, developing flexibility, increasing blood circulation and strengthening and preparing pelvic floor muscles for delivery. The class is suitable for women of all ages and ability, regardless of fitness levels, and no previous Pilates experience is required. The class is taught by instructors who have undergone specialist antenatal training and who are passionate about enabling women to stay active and mobile during pregnancy. On occasions mothers who have attended Pilates classes may be invited along to talk about their labour experiences and introduce their new baby. This class gives you time to concentrate on your own body and new baby. It provides an opportunity to meet and socialise with other expectant mothers building valuable networks for post birth. 1 hour class followed by optional tea/coffee and networking at the end of each session. All you need to bring is a pillow.

A weekly postnatal Pilates class for mum and baby to help you recover from pregnancy and rebuild strength post-birth, suitable for women from 6 weeks postpartum following vaginal delivery, or 12 weeks postpartum following cesarean (or until you have been cleared by your GB that you can resume Pilates and exercise). The class focuses on safely rebuilding core strength, mobility, stretching, awareness of posture, alignment and pelvic stability in a slow and calming environment, allowing you to connect with your baby during exercises. Supporting mums to get out, build a network, boost your mood and energy as well as provide a calming space to socialise post class to learn and share stories of motherhood and your personal journey. You are encouraged to work at your own pace, transitioning back to exercise. Supporting mothers to ease physical aches and pains post-pregnancy, protect your back and pelvis and reduce the impact of poor posture from feeding and holding your baby. Facilities on site include baby toys, baby changing and access to a Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine to assist feeding mums. Our specialist trained instructor can undertake an assessment for abdominal separation/diastasis rectus abdominis. The NHS recommend Pilates specific exercises and guidance as part of their postnatal exercise and advice. 50 minute class followed by optional 20 minute tea/coffee and networking at the end of each session.

For those mums attending our postnatal class and walking to the venue with buggies we have an undercover area (car port) for you to store your buggy during the class, or on occasions may bring the buggy into the studio if space allows. You are welcome to leave babies in their car seats, lay them on the playmats provided or beside you during the exercises. Any babies and young children attending the class must be supervised at all times and are the parents responsibility whilst at the venue. We are not responsible for your child and whilst we provide a safe space for them to play during the class we cannot ensure the room is free from hazards. Supervision is key in keeping young children safe from any potential hazards and interaction with others, helping them to learn whilst enjoying the class so please ensure you are watching them at all times and keeping them free from harm (especially mobile babies who may be on the move and starting to explore). Please be mindful of others in the class. Suitable for mums with babies from 6 weeks to 1 year old. On occasions if requested we may allow older siblings to attend the class but again please be mindful that we are in a small space and you should consider bringing additional toys you know are of interest to them, or and ipad, snacks to keep them entertained.

Encourages wellness in the workplace. Pilates can assist with employee wellness at work, taking time away from their work to invigorate the mind and body. It has been proven that wellness classes can provide a more productive, motivated and engaged workforce, reducing stress, absence and encouraging good posture as well as creating a work culture that celebrates and encourages staff to lead healthier lifestyles both physically and mentally. Whether you are a small or large company looking for a weekly class or a one-off session as part of a company away day we have a range of packages to suit your needs. Pilates is an excellent enhancement to the workplace and many employers now recognise the many health benefits of fitness classes on site, at a time that is convenient for employees. Whether your employees are desk bound or physically active on their feet all day Pilates can provide that welcomed time out to focus, stretch and re-energise. All you need is a suitable space – a meeting room, staff room or communal area. For more information please see our Workplace Pilates page.

For those looking for a bespoke Pilates session, tailored to your individual needs. If you are interested in a private Pilates class we run sessions in our home studio, or the comfort of your own home. Perfect for those who are looking for a flexible option and personalised smaller classes to work around your schedule and support individual goals. Our certified instructors can provide a full postural assessment and devise a Pilates programme to suit you. Whether your rehabilitating from injury, suffering from aches and pains, looking to enhance your posture or simply want to take part in a class with a few of your friends. For more information please see our Private Pilates page.

Making the most of the summer sunshine, we run sessions throughout the summer enabling us to host classes in a peaceful and tranquil setting, aiding relaxation and fresh air to the lungs! Our first Pilates in the Park class was held in August 2018 and saw 16 BactivePilates members flock to the Mytchett Recreation Ground with friends and family for this fun and enjoyable outdoor class. Keep an eye on our Summer timetable for outdoor Pilates classes. These are seasonal and only run subject to the great British sunshine making an appearance.

A Pilates class specifically for men, after all it was a technique created by a man – Joseph Pilates. Pilates is sometimes perceived as being just for women so this class encourages men to come along and try Pilates and experience the many benefits to the exercise, increasing muscle power, core strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Pilates has been widely practiced by men all over the world for many years and used as a training method for elite athletes. Pilates can compliment your workout routine and encourage you to learn how to really use your deep abdominal muscles.

Start your special day with a relaxing Pilates class, settling those nerves and focusing your mind and body, to feel stretched and re-energised ready for the day ahead. Invite your bridal party and extended family and friends to join you for this early morning class. You have planned and prepared every fine detail of the wedding day so now it’s time to take care of yourself, helping you to breathe through those nerves. Weddings are all about connecting and what better way to connect, than uniting in a Pilates class. Alternatively if your ‘bride to be’ loves her fitness and is a fan of wellness, why not plan in some hen activities to burn off the bubbles, with a Pilates class. We supply all the mats so it’s less stress for you!

A Pilates class designed with sporting athletes in mind, specifically tailored for your activity – whether you are a runner, cyclists, rugby, football or tennis players looking to enhance their performance in sports and improve skills and strength. Many athletes and sporting clubs incorporate Pilates exercises into their training programmes with benefits of addressing muscular imbalances, strengthening core muscles, stretching and preventing typical injuries. To enhance your awareness of movement, mobility and flexibility and increase your range of movement. Whether you are Team GB, a cycling enthusiast, or local running or football club looking to incorporate Pilates into your training regime get in touch to express interest. This class will run subject to interest or can be established alongside your weekly sporting activity.

Family is always at our heart, as a mother myself! We are strong advocates for encouraging the whole family to exercise and participate in activities together, after all if we want our children, teenagers and young adult children to learn from us, setting good habits and being the best role model for them. Help each other to keep active, improve your fitness levels and find activities you can do and enjoy together creates a special moment. As girls hit puberty there are increasing pressures academically, Pilates can help build a positive body image and decrease stress. Pilates is great for all abilities and fitness levels so you can easily workout together regardless of whether you have done it before.

Spending quality time together, it is impossible not to smile when daughter is putting dad through his paces in a tough Pilates class. Father and daughter can team up to workout together. We believe that every father and daughter should do activities together, so why not take a class to stay happy, healthy and strong together. There are many benefits to Pilates, encouraging them to build a strong mind and body, learning the correct breathing, daily stretches and exercises for better flexibility and core strength. Raising them to be confident, powerful women. However the true benefit is spending quality time together. Find time together amidst your hectic work schedule and school/college activities to unwind together.

Adapted chair based Pilates class, designed for those who have limited mobility or are worried about getting down on the floor. This class provides modifications to the original matwork exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, allowing you to work at a slower pace and in a safe and controlled way. Supporting you to be active, the chair can help and support you through the exercises – to increase your mobility, enhance your posture, strengthen your muscles and improve balance and flexibility. Assisting you to make everyday movement more functional. We can provide seated Pilates classes to local care homes and nursing homes, designed to enable participants with varying abilities and disabilities to join in and keep mobile whilst remaining seated, enhancing physical, mental and emotional well being.

For more information please see our Community Classes and Studio Classes.