Home Studio

Small group matwork classes limited to 5 clients in a class. Offering a more intimate atmosphere, for those who do not wish to be in a larger group and allowing for more individual attention, to support individual progress.

Home studio classes are mixed ability and can be modified to support individual ability, allowing for adjustments to technique to ensure exercises are performed correctly and benefit you to get the most out of the Pilates exercises. All mats and equipment are provided, including; overball, theraband, stability ball, foam roller, Pilates circle/ring, hand weights and gliders.

Classes will introduce you to the Pilates technique, key principles and Joseph Pilates mat-work exercises, modified and original. The class will help you develop a better understanding of your posture, alignment, balance, core stability and strength, encouraging clients to become more aware of how the breath and body can work together and master the basic principles of Pilates to engage and activate muscles in the right way. Participants are encouraged to work at their own pace, promoting relaxation. All classes are mixed ability and cater for beginners, through to advanced clients offering progressions, and adaptions will be offered to tailor for any antenatal and postnatal clients joining the classes.

The use of small equipment is designed to assist, challenge and add variety to your workout to improve your technique and provide sensory feedback to work more effectively. Some pieces of equipment provide resistance to work on strength and others destabilise the body to challenge your control and balance. Set back in the garden, our home studio provides a relaxing environment which is clean, modern, bright and airy, fully equipped with Pilates equipment.

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What Others Are Saying

Your classes have helped me understand more clearly how my frame is supported, and how important understanding and working on keeping my body healthy is for all areas of my life, not only physically but mentally too. As I age, I know that this knowledge will help me to stay as mobile, flexible and healthy as I possibly can. I also find that this focus helps me to think differently about my diet. I hear you in my head when I feel myself slouching or not standing up straight !!!. Pilates makes me feel strong, healthy & positive.



I came to Pilates after having to drop running/weight training due to hamstring and general hip/back pain. Pilates has helped ease this and I feel is helping address the core problem and improve my spine flexibility and core strength. I felt quite low about having to stop running and doing the weight training and speaking to Bonnie and attending the classes has given me a new focus and hope that I can attain fitness and health through a different approach.



You let us work within our own capabilities but gently push us to do more. You never criticise but just encourage. The sessions are well planned and varied. It’s friendly and comfortable.



Your classes are small so you can ask questions and have help with corrections.



I am getting stronger and more flexible and I believe this will help me mange my pain better and stop it getting worse.


Ash Vale

Feeling energised, stronger, relaxed, feeling good about myself, good for my well-being.



Pleasant exercise that makes me feel I have worked out but that does not involve pounding the pavements - stressful on joints.



I love Pilates, it isn't easy but I find gives me the strength, tone and body shape I prefer.