Paul & Helen

“We were looking for a class that we could do together. Both have had back issues in the past, we knew that this would help and it has!”

I am so proud of my incredible members who work hard in class every week so am thrilled to be able to share this story with you!

Paul is an Electronic Design Engineer and Helen is a School Secretary and Fitness Instructor. Paul enjoys cycling, open water swimming, gardening and DIY. Helen enjoys gardening, cooking, dancing and fitness.

How did you first hear about Pilates?

Through showing Bonnie around the school that I work in.

How long have you been practicing Pilates?

1 year.

Do you prefer to attend classes in-person/ virtual/1:1 and what is the reason for your choice?

In person classes and virtual classes. Have really enjoyed doing virtual during the pandemic and it has given us something to look forward to each week.

Do you remember your first Pilates class?

I first did a taster session at Mytchett Primary School. Enjoyed how I felt after the class, found it quite challenging. Paul and I were looking for something we could do together. I particularly wanted to attend another class that I didn’t have to plan.

Why did you start participating in Pilates / what motivated you?

We were looking for a class that we could do together. Both have had back issues in the past, we knew that this would help and it has!

How do you feel Pilates has helped you?

Through COVID it has given us a focus each week both physically and mentally.

Did it help you with a health related issue, if so how?

Paul particularly had a bad back but is now very supple and he has increased his flexibility enormously. I have knee, wrist and ankle problems but Bonnie always offers alternatives and doesn’t make you do anything that you are not happy with.

What is your favourite Pilates exercise and why?

Paul likes Pilates Shoulder Bridge and balancing exercises, and I like the Pilates Scissors.

How do keep yourself motivated and make time in your week for Pilates?

It has become a weekly routine.

What makes you keep coming back?

The health benefits and excellent teaching, with instruction for all abilities.

Do you have any advice for people considering taking up Pilates for the first time?

Don’t hesitate you will feel fab.

Has the recent COVID-19 pandemic changed your exercise/Pilates habits? If so, how?

Yes, because we do it more often, sometimes do a pre-recorded class as well.

If you had to choose 1 word to sum up your Pilates journey so far what would it be?

Rewarding (Paul)
Fab-u-lous (Helen)