Online /On Demand

Allowing you to access Pilates from the comfort of your own home and for those with busy lives who find it hard to get to a class.

Classes can be joined in live real time, keeping you accountable to particate online with others and be guided on screen by an instructor. Or catch up via the on demand platform with 100+ videos and a new class uploaded each week. Live classes are delivered via zoom to enable two-way communication and verbal feedback to assist you, bringing real life classes into peoples homes. All classes are mixed ability and cater for beginners, through to advanced clients, and adaptions will be offered to tailor for any antenatal and postnatal clients joining the classes.

My Saturday early morning class online is great for those who enjoy an early start! Allowing you to connect mind and body and setting you up for the day ahead. Encouraging good posture and alignment, a great way to awaken your body and focus on strengthening and stretching the whole body. Designed to get you moving!

How do I sign up?

If you wish to join us on our online pilates, please contact us or email us at The button below will also take you through to our contact page. We look forward to seeing you!

What Others Are Saying

I feel stretching, moving and strengthening my muscles will help me live a fitter life. Sitting down all day I need to do some exercise



Bearing in mind I had only done a couple of sessions with you in your studio before lockdown set in I would like to say thank you and well done for keeping me going, I have looked forward to my class an always felt better afterwards. You are always upbeat. My sessions have been a life line! Thank you so much.

So much better having a class with you as opposed to a generic Youtube class. Let's hope not too much longer to wait til face to dace classes can begin

You are not only a fabulous teacher but such bright light with your enthusiasm, generosity and fun approach to everything you do. Thank you so much!

I've loved your online classes! I feel i've got so much out of them and really appreciative to you. I'll be happy for them to continue!

Your classes are fab and despite being in my lounge, I really feel like i'm having a 'real-life' class with you. Your energy is infectious and I always feel so much better having done a session. Particular thanks for all the antenatal adaptions you provide - my body has changed significantly over the last 12 weeks, and these adaptions have really helped me stay connected and in tune with what my body needs at this time. You are wonderful, Bonnie

So much better to do your classes than a youtube one. You've done so well to carry on, use the technology so well, keep us motivated with your sunny outlook. For me personally it's been incredible to get back to some exercise and normality in the comfort of my own home. Well done for 12 weeks of fun and challenging us. Thank you

Thank you so much Bon for your classes, I have enjoyed every single one of them - even those early Monday mornings when I'm half asleep! You have definitely helped me keep sane during these strange times! See you on the mat in the morning

Thank you for being so flexible offering multiple times and sessions. It is always nice to see you so positive and smiley. You are an inspiration and keep me motivated and mobile

Bonnie thank you for all your hard work. You have put so much thought into the classes and the tech. Your class has the human touch in these non touch times and yuou have helped us feel connected. Much appreciated