Meet Bonnie - Your Instructor

“Thank you for sharing my passion for Pilates. My mission is to empower everyone to be active, achieve greater body awareness, fitness and good mental health through the use of Pilates exercises”

"I have learned that I can actually enjoy exercise! One of the things I started noticing quite quickly was how much better my balance is."
"Postnatally, the classes helped me with all the physical challenges that a well-fed baby brings with it; all the lifting and holding usually leaves me very tight, but this time I struggled much less with back pain than previously."
"From a male perspective, with lower back problems recurring for some years, I was told either I needed to take up Yoga or Pilates, or take painkillers for the rest of my life."
Pilates is a full body workout for every age and the benefits of it are long term. Not every Pilates exercise is easy to perform but with time you gain body strength, flexibility and you will be surprised by the things your body will be able to do after a few weeks."
"I’d been suffering with menopause symptoms and had achy joints and felt very sluggish but didn’t want to go to the gym anymore. After doing Pilates I feel stronger, more flexible and definitely more toned and feel that it’s good for my body. If I miss a couple of classes I can tell straight away as I start to feel achy."
"I was stronger than I thought and that the mind is a very powerful thing! It was physically a challenge but if you believe you can do something then anything is possible!"
"I haven’t had back or pelvic ache and I now know a few stretches to keep me going during holiday breaks if the aches come back. I’ve toned up and gone down a size in clothes, with positive comments from friends and family. I just feel better for it!"
"Pilates has helped me to re-introduce exercise into my life and this has led me to start doing other forms of exercise as well, such as swimming. It also gives me a bit of “me time” and I don’t have to justify the time as it is doing me good, physically and mentally. Although you are working your body, I find that it is a great time to relax your mind and forget all about the daily grind."
"I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to do it, but was pleasantly surprised and I really enjoyed it. When I left I felt like I had been on a spa weekend, I was that relaxed."
"As I write this, I feel I have more strength and energy"
"We were looking for a class that we could do together. Both have had back issues in the past, we knew that this would help and it has!"
"I am so much stronger in my core and pelvic floor and far more flexible."
"I find myself using the skills that Bonnie has taught me everyday, not just on the mat. Engaging the core, being aware of my posture and of my breath; being perhaps a little calmer"
"I remember finding the exercises difficult in the moment but felt amazing by the end. I felt like I’d finally found an exercise class that I enjoyed"

In Conversation with Physiotherapist Kirsty

“There are so many health benefits that Pilates has to offer including improving your posture, preventing and assisting with recovery from injuries, decrease in stress, is low impact… the list goes on!”