Bonnie is a Pilates Instructor who cares deeply about the wellbeing of those in her community and we are extremely pleased to have her support our cancer charity by donating spaces in her classes.
Francesca Arbery
Bonnie’s classes are brilliant! Bonnie focuses on all aspects of the body and I really noticed the difference in body tone and my flexibility. Bonnie is always on hand to check you are doing the exercises properly which is really helpful in making sure you get the best out of the class.
Emma Marsh
Bonnie is one of the most sunny and enthusiastic people I know, and an excellent Pilates instructor. The exercises in her classes are offered in multiple versions to cater for every experience level and, although I’ve been attending her classes for some time now, I still find the hardest versions amongst the best core workouts I’ve tried. I never miss a class if I can help it!
Tristan Mugford
I 100% recommend Bonnie’s Pilates classes. She has such a great way of teaching – very professional and also extremely welcoming. Her classes are designed for all levels from beginners (like me) to more advanced. She takes the time to observe everybody in the class and correct them where necessary which in a great help when you are new to Pilates. Bonnie is a lovely person and will make you feel at ease straight away. Thank you so much!
Charlie Jaggard
I thoroughly enjoyed Bonnie's Pilates classes when I lived in Surrey. She has an excellent teaching style and is very encouraging. A warm welcome made me want to return each week. Even with a lack of previous Pilates knowledge and with terrible balance I was able to progress in the class and saw a marked difference in my flexibility and posture. I highly recommend Bonnie and her classes.
Lizzy Dungworth
I have attended Bonnie’s Pilates classes for some time, both as a group, and on a 1:2 basis at my home. I find the classes challenging with a strong emphasis on correct posture alignment. I chose to come to Pilates to benefit from more flexibility and help with ongoing back issues. My spine strength and flexibility have really improved. There are many challenging Pilates moves, particularly the side kick and roll-up. Bonnie is very enthusiastic and committed to Pilates and through her work I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level to take me to and I always feel at the end of the lessons that I have achieved something. She is patient and knowledgeable and the qualities that she brings to every session make Pilates very enjoyable.
Frederique Staphylas
I started Bonnie’s class after my previous Pilates session ceased. After being a little nervous, Bonnie and the class made me feel at ease - and quickly put me through my paces. Always feel great after class and each week look forward to that feeling. Thanks v much Bonnie.
Rob Kemp
I have been attending Bonnie's class for 7 years and it's the best thing I have done for my body. Pilates has been great for my back strength but it is so important that it is taught correctly. Bonnie gives very clear and concise guidance so that you can focus on the watch points. She adapts the exercises to the individual, encourages best practice and in order to avoid injury she makes corrections in a caring and professional way. I have been to other classes in the past but the size of the class and the skill of the teacher are of paramount importance. I would have no hesitation recommending this class.
Liz Ringrose
I have had both group and 1:2 Pilates sessions with Bonnie over the last two years. Being desk bound at work I enjoy cycling and other sports but have suffered from lower back pain and flexibility issues for some time. Pilates had been recommended to me to improve core strength and reduce the risk of further lower back problems. I have found through Bonnie's classes that there has been an all-round benefit as well as with spine\core strength improvements. There is a great balance between gradual increments and pushing further to explore new limits and therefore improving continually. I have found those moves involving the lower back and core the most effective - the roll downs, Pilates 100 and shoulder bridge particularly. The mental and physical benefits of the classes has enabled me to compliment the Pilates with further cardio activities which I am very much enjoying and finding physical improvements and de-stressing results too - really enjoying the classes and looking forward to many more!
Nick Staphylas
I have been going to Bonnie’s class for a couple of years now. Not only is it a convenient venue, it starts at an ideal time. It’s a very friendly class; Bonnie is always really encouraging and happy to give alternative exercises or offer different levels according to your ability. A really enjoyable Pilates class.
Sue Oliver
After many years of inactivity I decided I needed to start some form of exercise. I joined Bonnie’s Pilates class. Having never done Pilates before, I was a bit nervous but Bonnie explains everything very clearly. She not only demonstrates the moves but also checks on you as an individual to correct your technique or answer any queries you may have. I also appreciate the fact that Bonnie demonstrates different levels of each movement so you can challenge yourself, but never feel like you are not achieving enough. After the birth of her baby, Bonnie put her classes on hold for a few months. During that time I continued Pilates with 2 other instructors, but returned to Bonnie’s classes as soon as she started again. I think that says it all!!!!
Robyn Slade
Bonnie and the classes are extremely powerful and engaging – supporting the well being of our staff and the wider community so they are better practitioners for our students! Classes like these in our local community help bring people together as they focus on their own self and well being! Bonnie is extremely engaging and supportive to our school and the community!
Mehal Shah
Acting Head Teacher - Henry Tyndale School
I joined Bonnie’s Pilates classes when I realised I needed to strengthen up as I was struggling to carry my ever growing toddler. The classes are fantastic - engaging, fun and welcoming. The tailored advice and support given by Bonnie during the class is great and really helped me to get the most out of the exercises. I started to feel a difference quickly in my posture and core. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Carley Barrett
Bonnie is a great Pilates instructor. She pays great attention to each person in the class and has a great way of explaining things to make sure you’re getting the most of the exercises. There are varying levels of difficulty for those (me) who is a bit on the larger side shall we say! Bonnie has a lovely calm and genuine manner. Absolutely recommend.
Lisa Carter
Thank you so much for organising the Pilates course for me! I’ve been looking forward to attending the class each week and it’s been great to do gentle exercise and extend my flexibility and strength. I am often completely floored with tiredness during chemo! Bonnie is amazing and I’m in awe of her energy and positivity. She’s a great Pilates Instructor.
Gift Recipient
Something To Look Forward To
VCLS wanted to promote healthy wellbeing amongst its employees and offered Pilates as an option. I knew Bonnie from going to her evening classes and thought she would be the perfect person to help us with this activity. The classes have gone down very well. People really feel the benefit of the movement and stretching when they are sitting at a desk all day. It gives them more energy and helps to relieve those aches and pains. Quite often people with busy home lives don’t have time to go out in the evenings, especially if they work late or have children to look after, so the lunchtime sessions work perfectly. Bonnie is an excellent teacher with a very friendly personality. She is very professional in her manner and makes sure everyone is able to do the moves according to their ability.
Sam Gardiner
VCLS Manager UK Operations
My daughter and I started doing Pilates together at Bonnie’s class when she was 15 whilst studying for her GCSE’s. I thought that doing Pilates together would be a lovely way just to spend an hour or so together, away from phones, books and the chaos of life. Convincing her to take time out to exercise (with her mum!) took some persuading but actually she really enjoyed it and was quite surprised and impressed when her stomach muscles ached the next day. The first day we hid nervously at the back of the room on our mats so that no one could see how hopelessly uncoordinated we were but soon realized that the classes were full off friendly, nonjudgmental people of ages and abilities so it really didn’t matter that we had no experience, embarrassing fitness levels and terrible balance. Going to Pilates together has given us some really good quality time together, plus, we are now a lot more toned and have much better posture. It absolutely helper my daughter mentally to take some time out to exercise and in a calm environment, away from the stress of studying for her GCSE’s, to stretch out those muscles she didn’t even realise needed stretching from bending over a desk all day. She is now going into her A-Levels and want to carry on going so that’s about as a high a recommendation as you can get. Bonnie is so friendly and even though she’s like some Pilates guru and can get into ridiculously impossible positions without breaking a sweat, she always shows at least 2 other options for us lesser mortals meaning that you can choose how far you want to push yourself. She repeats some of the exercises so you can push yourself further each week (if you choose to) and introduce new ones to make sure you don’t get bored. She’s great and we both recommend her lessons.
Karen Carr aged 49 and Jasmine Carr aged 17

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