Are you a company looking to offer an incentive to your staff and improve your wellness in the workplace? Give your team the opportunity to step away from their work and take some well-deserved time out to invigorate the mind and body with our workplace Pilates class. Whether you are a small or large company looking for a weekly class or a one-off session as part of a company away day we have a range of packages to suit your needs. Pilates is an excellent enhancement to the workplace and many employers now recognise the many health benefits of fitness classes on site, at a time that is convenient for employees. Whether your employees are desk bound or physically active on their feet all day Pilates can provide that welcomed time out to focus, stretch and re-energise.

Wellness classes can assist in providing:

  • a more productive, happy workforce
  • motivated and engaged employees
  • a reduction in stress
  • a decrease in absence
  • retention in staff who are highly skilled and dedicated
  • provide an attractive employee package for new staff
  • encouraging good posture in the workplace
  • creating a positive work culture that encourages healthy lifestyles
  • boost both physical and mental health.

By providing staff with the ability to enjoy wellness activities, you are able to show them how much they are valued, offered alongside a comprehensive package that can help build a culture that really looks after its staff. This will bring strength to your business, staff feel more motivated if they are looked after and can assist in making you stand out against your competitors.

Offering activities before, after or during work hours such as an allocated lunch hour can assist employees by making their lives a little easier, saving them money and time that may be challenging to fit in around their busy home/work life. Please contact for a quotation.

Workplace Pilates classes cost as little as £6.25 per person

Classes will introduce you to the Pilates technique, key principles and Joseph Pilates mat-work exercises, modified and original. The class will help staff to develop a better understanding of their posture, alignment, balance, core stability and strength, encouraging staff to become more aware of how the breath and body can work together. Classes can be delivered online via zoom or in-person.

What Others Are Saying

“Bonnie’s Pilates classes are engaging and challenging, how do such small moves with minimal weights cause so many aches!!”  Chris, Berkeley Group

“Bonnie holds a Pilates class at our office once a week for a group of us, the classes are enjoyable and challenging and for all abilities. I enjoy them so much and feel such a difference day to day since doing the classes.”  Jess, Berkeley Group

“Bonnie has our team working out, she’s really passionate and makes the sessions fun!”  Dawn, Berkeley Group

“VCLS wanted to promote healthy wellbeing amongst its employees and offered Pilates as an option. I knew Bonnie from going to her evening classes and thought she would be the perfect person to help us with this activity. The classes have gone down very well. People really feel the benefit of the movement and stretching when they are sitting at a desk all day. It gives them more energy and helps to relieve those aches and pains. Quite often people with busy home lives don’t have time to go out in the evenings, especially if they work late or have children to look after, so the lunchtime sessions work perfectly. Bonnie is an excellent teacher with a very friendly personality. She is very professional in her manner and makes sure everyone is able to do the moves according to their ability.”  Sam Gardiner, Manager UK Operations


  1. A suitable space for the class to take place that can accommodate up to 12 Pilates mats – this could be a meeting room, staff room room or communal areas. This area can be carpeted or hard wood floor.
  2. Staff to sign up to take part! You must nominate a key contact, member of staff assigned internally to coordinate interest.
  1. For health and safety reasons all participants are required to complete a registration formprior to taking part in classes (this includes a physical activity readiness questionnaire). This enables the instructor to get to know staff better, identify individual goals and understand how Pilates can support their lifestyle. Employees can notify the instructor via the form of any specific medical, physical or learning needs to be aware of, so I can plan for their needs and be aware prior to the sessions.  Please note the Company/Organisation in the relevant section to assist ease of recognition.
  2. Employees should wear comfortable clothing(gym clothing) that they can easily move in and bare feet are requested for the class to assist in developing a strong balance, building strength and alignment of the body. 
  3. A bottle of water to keep hydrated whilst exercising the mind and body!

BActivePilates can provide 12x Pilates mats for the class, or for hygiene reasons employees may wish to bring their own Pilates/Yoga mat to class.

Classes are suitable for all – regardless of age, fitness levels and no previous Pilates experience is required. Adaptions will be offered to tailor for any antenatal and postnatal clients joining the classes.

Yes, please get in touch to discuss, an additional charge may apply for large groups. We can supply 12 mats, additional mats would need to be sourced by the clients/participants.

A typical class would start with a 10 minute standing warm-up sequence to mobilise the major muscles/major joints, followed by 35 minutes of matwork exercises. Exercises can be modified depending on individual needs – so if someone highlights on their registration form that they have a shoulder, wrist or knee pain – then I can adjust to offer a modification. And for those whom might suffer with back pain guidance on suitable daily stretches can be offered on a more individual basis in pre and post class discussions which is why I always ensure time either side of class for individual specific advice. Staff will be provided with tips during the sessions on how they can integrate some movement into their day – things they could do at their desk and to stretch and enhance posture. I come round the room offering hands on correction to assist technique and ensure they are being executed correctly to enable everyone to get the most out of the exercises and make sure they are feeling it in the right places. 

Depending on the number of sessions booked I can incorporate Pilates small equipment such as the Pilates overball, theraband, foam roller, Pilates circle/ring and hand weights. The use of small Pilates equipment can provide variety, assist and support you in exercises to improve your technique and provide sensory feedback enabling you to work more effectively. Some pieces of equipment provide resistance to work on strength and other destabilise the body to challenge control and balance.

Specific seated Pilates classes can be offered should this be of interest to the client.

Yes, please get in touch for a quote, travel time and expenses are charged for client venues beyond a 3 mile radius of Camberley, Surrey.